Priority Rating's Hero

Priority Rating

High Priority—inspected minimum of four times per year

  • Facilities that prepare, cook and serve potentially hazardous food for later service
  • Holds multiple quantities/items of hot food for four or more hours
  • Reheats multiple quantities/items of leftover foods from previous servings or preparations
  • Serves to highly susceptible populations (schools, daycare, nursing home, hospital)
  • Previous inspections indicate consecutive critical violations and the supervisor determines that it is a high priority

Medium Priority—inspected minimum of twice per year

  • Cooks and serves potentially hazardous foods
  • Holds hot food for less than four hours
  • Discards all food that has been in hot holding
  • Retail grocery establishments with meat market

Low Priority—inspected minimum of once per year

  • Prepares limited amounts of non-potentially hazardous foods
  • Sells prepackaged foods
  • May have soft drink dispensing
  • Microwave of commercially prepackaged foods
  • Any facility that does not meet the high or medium priority criteria